Nesa Azadikhah performing live in Berlin


 Nesa Azadikhah performed live in the context of the Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival 

in Bethanien Art Gallery in Berlin. The festival took place between 6 - 8 of December 2019. 

Setareh Malekzadeh on Artsy


 Some of the photography works of Setareh Malekzadeh are featured on Artsy as a part of an online exhibition called "Beyond The Limits". Click on the link below to check it out! 



 Lyrics & Vocals: Bahram 

Music Producer: Peymandegar

Mixing & Mastering: Ashkan Mousavi

Graphic Designer: Setareh Malekzadeh

Special Thanks to Nesa Azadikhah

May 18, 2019 



Called as one of the 50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East, by Huffington Post,  Bahram challenges the prevailing artistic and  cultural consensus of the Iranian society. Rich  in depth and cohesive in structure, his reflective and empathetic social criticism explores the alternative perspectives on the relationship between the individual and society showing us  a new landscape where the old beliefs lose relevance and a new self could thrive. His latest chronological concept album called Good mistake made HOT SHOT DEBUT peaking at #4 on Billboard's Top World Albums chart.    


Setareh Malekzadeh is a photographer, visual artist and art director based in Stockholm, Sweden. She explores a wide range of styles and techniques to reflect on the complex dialectics of human-nature interaction opening up a mental space for fresh perspectives to be brought up. She has a unique way of channeling musical ideas into abstract visuals through digital manipulation of forms and colors. She has also a background in indie/alternative and hip hop music under the nickname of Ghogha. Educated in Arts Management, she is also the program director of Mideastunes, the platform for discovering independent musicians in the Middle East and North Africa.   


Born and raised in Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran, Peymandegar brings a vibrant and dynamic vibe into the Iranian hip hop and electronic music scene. He explores a unique fusion of different modern genres and tells a story that doesn’t need a single word to be understood. Beside the unique chronological depth in his music, his atmospheric and groovy instrumentals are rich in concept and complex in form but relatable at the same time. Peymandegar has successfully managed to make the electronica-inspired experimentalism flow through the structural patterns of abstract hip hop.  


Nesa Azadikhah is a Tehran-based DJ, music producer, composer, sound artist, and musician. From playing Tonbak and Daf at the age of six to DJing at the age of sixteen in the Iranian underground dance scene, she has established herself as one of Tehran’s most in-demand electronic musicians, sound artists and composers. She is also the founder and managing director of Deep House Tehran, the leading underground house and electronic music magazine promoting Iranian electronic musicians and producing podcasts, dj sets, educational blogs, album reviews, interviews etc.   


Ashkan Mousavi is a multi-genre sound technician, music producer, singer and songwriter based in Tehran, Iran. He studied sound design at MFT Tehran and Audio Engineering at SAE Dubai. His earlier career started in his dark basement where he explored rock and metal music and then gradually gravitated towards electronic and atmospheric music. He has been working with various artists and different projects as audio engineer and music producer. He is also active as the main contributor of an educational blog called "Export" published exclusively on Deep House Tehran music magazine providing practitioners with knowledge and expertise about sound design and audio engineering.   



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